Database-photo-1Why Kosovo International Summer Academy?

Kosovo (recommended by National Geography among 10 places that deserve more travelers) has a rich history and landscape and many people travel here just to experience up-close its history and natural beauty.

International and local students choose our programme for many reasons. Most of them need a different intellectual challenge from what they are used to at their home university. They look forward to meeting other bright young students who come from other parts of the world and who share their interests and abilities. Some may want to study a subject they can’t find anywhere else, while others may want to take a second look at post-conflict studies as they have never experienced before.

Many students who have attended our summer programs tell us that the experience changed their lives. For some, KSA provided the opportunity to study topics and ideas they were not able to find in their home countries. For others, our Summer Programme stood out for the quality of our courses and our faculty and for the support that we offer during the program. We also offer an inclusive social program which includes day trips within Kosovo and a number of social events.

Whether the reasons are academic or social, Kosovo International Summer Academy have had a profound and lasting effect on numerous young people from different parts of the world.

*If you have any questions about the geographical, historical, security or even weather aspects of the country, you can contact our staff and we will send you the information or guide you to links where you could find more of what you are interested to know.