Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact worldwide. We would like to provide reassurance to all participants that the Kosovo International Summer Academy is doing everything in its capacity to ensure that our incoming participants will be safe, healthy, and happy when they arrive. Please click here for information on programme cancellation, and refund policy.

Terms and Conditions related to COVID-19

COVID-19  *Please note: Considering the global situation with Covid-19 and unexpected changes that have taken place since the first appearances of Covid-19, If we will be forced the cancel KSA2023 , we will inform all KSA applicants/enrolled participants about all the changes/alternatives in the mode of implementation of KSA2023. In case we are instructed by local authorities and based on international recommendations to cancel the edition of 2023, all KSA enrolled participants will be fully refunded their payment (minus transfer fee). Please note that KSA will NOT hold responsibility for your travel tickets in case of cancellation due to Covid-19! Therefore we strongly suggest you check the policies of flight companies before you purchase your tickets.

Whom can I ask?

For any questions that you cannot find an answer to in the FAQ section or on the website of the Summer Academy regarding course contents, scholarship information, registration deadlines, accommodation, tuition fees, the social program, and other topics, please write an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

What is covered by the tuition fee?

The tuition fee covers accommodation(double/triple room), meals, transportation between Prishtina International Airport and the hotel, all courses, coffee breaks, and field trips. It does not include: travel costs to Kosovo, visa expenses, health insurance and personal expenses.

Can I come earlier or stay longer than the duration of the Kosovo International Summer Academy?

Yes, you may come earlier and stay longer than the duration of the Kosovo International Summer Academy-Part I (17th of July - arrival day and 27th of July - departure) and Part II, if you are applying for Part II (9th of August - arrival day and 19th August - departure). If you plan to arrive earlier or depart later than KSA dates, you would be required to find your own accommodation, as KSA will cover the accommodation only for the duration of the program. However, you can contact us and we would be pleased to help you find suitable accommodation.

Do I need a visa to enter Kosovo?

You do not need a Kosovo visa if you are a part of this list

I am a citizen of a country that needs visa to enter Kosovo, but I have a valid biometric residence permit in one of the Schengen countries. Do I still need Kosovo visa?

You do not need Kosovo visa if you hold a valid biometric residence permit in one of the Schengen countries (max. 15 days stay). However, when you are traveling to Kosovo except of biometric residence permit you need to have your valid passport with you. If you do not have with you both documents, you will not be allowed to enter the territory of Kosovo.

Do I still need a Kosovo visa if I have a valid multi-entry Schengen visa?

You do not need a Kosovo visa if you have a valid multi-entry Schengen visa (max. 15 days stay).

If I need a visa to enter Kosovo, can I receive an invitation letter?

If you need a visa to enter Kosovo (please click here to find out whether you need a visa or not) we can provide you with an Invitation Letter. This letter will only be sent to you upon special request and receipt of your deposit.

Where can I get the Kosovo visa?

You can apply and get a Kosovo visa in the following Diplomatic or Consular Missions:

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Tirana
Rr. Donika Kastrioti, Vila No. 6, Tiranë/Albania

General Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul
Vali Konağı Cad. No.: 74 D 3
Nişantaşı, İstanbul / Turkey

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Skopje
Samoilova 136, Skopje/Macedonia

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Vienna
Goldeggasse 2/13, 1040 Wien/Austria

General Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in New York
801 Second Avenue, Suite 405 New York, NY 10017/United State of America

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Riyadh
Diplomatic Quarter, Block2, Public Pension Agency,
Al fazare Plaza, Floor 1, Office No.: B07Riyadh/Saudi Arabia

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Sofia
26-30 Bacho Kiro Str. 1000 Sofia/Bulgaria

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Budapest
BANK CENTER 1054 Budapest, Szabadsag Ter 7. 1054 Budapest/Hungary

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Tokyo
MG Atago Bldg. 10 F
3-13-7, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku/Japan

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels
Rond Point Schuman 6, Box 5
1040 Brussels/Belgium

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Berlin
Wall str. 65 D-10179 Berlin/GER

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Paris
61 Avenue de la Grande Armée, 75116 Paris/France

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Croatia
Trg Kralja Tomislava 8
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

  If you have any questions, our staff will help you with the requirements.

How do I travel to Kosovo?

You can travel to Kosovo by air or land. You can choose to fly to Pristina International Airport, but that would not necessarily be your cheapest option. Prishtina International Airport is well connected with main destinations around the world. You can enter Kosovo by land from neighboring countries: Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. There are bus lines from Bosnia& Herzegovina to Kosovo as well, but they are not frequent enough to accommodate a tight travel schedule. A bus ride from the aforementioned countries will not exceed 30€ (return ticket). In order to keep your travel costs low, you can try searching for flights from your point of departure to Tirana, Skopje, Belgrade or Podgorica. If you have to switch planes in Europe, we suggest that you choose a destination with a direct flight connection from Tirana, Belgrade, Skopje, Podgorica or even Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia is only few hours away from Skopje by train and bus. Pristina is only two hours from Skopje and the bus are costs only 5€ (one way).

The Pristina International Airport “Adem Jashari” (IATA code: PRN) is Kosovo’s gateway to the world. Major European and regional airlines (such as Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, Easyjet, Wizzair, Germanwings, AirBerlin, etc.) as well as several charter airlines fly to Pristina on a regular basis. There are also several regular bus routes that connect Pristina, Kosovo with many neighboring destinations (Tirana, Kukësi International Airport, Skopje, Podgorica, Belgrade, etc.). Please check, as to my knowledge there are direct flight with Lot polish from Warsaw to Skopje (North Macedonia) and Tirana (Albania).
Tirana, Albania - Buses run daily and is around 10-15 Euro one way, about a 4 hour bus ride (the latest bus at around 18:00)
Kukësi, Albania -  buses run daily and is around 5 euro one way, about 2 hours ride (the latest bus at around 18:00)
Skopje Bus Station, North Macedonia - Buses run daily and is 5-7 Euro one way, about a 2 hour bus ride (the latest bus at around 19:00).
If you decide to reach Kosovo through neighbouring countries, please check their travel restrictions
Travel Insurance in Kosovo

Travel insurance may be required at any point of entry into Kosovo. Therefore we suggest that you purchase one before departure even if you do not need a visa. We recommend that you check out World Nomads. This insurance company is completely dedicated to travel insurances of both short-stay and long-stay nature, everywhere in the world. You can make the purchase online. It is cheap and their insurance package is quite generous. Read more on

Will there be a pick-up service to and from the Prishtina Airport to the Hotel?

YES! Transport between the airport and the hotel will be provided. Our staff will wait for you at the airport. We will inform you about the details shortly before your arrival to Prishtina

How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere?When shall I arrive/depart?

Ideally, you can plan your arrival in the morning, 17th of July for the enrolled students in KSA2023 Part I, and the 9th of August for KSA2023 Part II. Then, you will have enough time to settle at the hotel and to have the chance to meet with other participants and to visit the city. Departure day is the 27th of July for KSA2023 Part I and for the enrolled students in KSA2023 Part II, departure day is the 19th of August. You will be issued with a Welcome Pack before departure to Kosovo which will give you vital information on your time in Kosovo.  We will also send out full arrival instructions so that you can book your flights, arrange for your visa(if needed) and pack the right clothing.

At what time can I enter the hotel?

For those of you staying in the hotel, you can check-in on July 17 between 10 am and noon for enrolled students in KSA Part I, and on August 9th between 10 am and noon for enrolled students in KSA Part II (if you will arrive earlier, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance). You can do a regular check-in with the reception staff.

Should I bring my laptop?

You don’t necessarily have to bring a laptop. It is not a requirement of the Summer Academy. However, during the lectures you are strongly recommended to take notes, considering the quality of lectures and speakers.


Where can I eat?

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, are served at the same location where all the classes will be held. * Meals – All scheduled breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included in the program fee.

Does KSA Have Financial Aid/Scholarship?

Financial aid is available for students participating in this program. For more information please refer to the application form regarding the KSA Scholarship.

What should I do if I am taking medication?

If you are currently taking medication, you will need to make sure you bring adequate medication for the duration of the summer school and inform our staff in advance. We will provide you with information regarding the public and private hospitals in Prishtina, if is needed.

Top Fundraising Methods

We all want to travel. We all want to study abroad. And we all want life-changing adventures. While some of us are fortunate enough to have the cash to pay for an overseas trip. If money is an issue, we recommend that you try out these fundraising strategies. 1.Letter of Support Students have raised their program fees, flight costs and even excursion fees by asking for donations from friends, families, universities, local service organizations, religious groups, or businesses. Once you are confirmed to travel with KCD, we will provide you with a letter of support that you can send out asking for support for your trip. This is so easy, and it just takes a little of your time to send the letters. Start with family, friends, friends of friends and then move on to businesses. Include some photos and let them know you are attending our program. It will also be very valuable to let them know you will report back to them on your experience and what their contribution allowed you to do. We have heard countless stories from our students who raised enough money to attend the Kosovo Summer Program, all funded by friends and people who loved the idea of the program. 2.Company Sponsorship Approach a company or service organization and ask if they will sponsor you on your Kosovo trip in exchange for volunteer work, such as:

  • Creating a certificate showing they are supporting youth
  • Blogging
  • Speaking at their staff meeting and reporting on what you did on your trip
  • Volunteering when you get back for a charity of their choice! is a very popular crowd funding platform among students. allows flexible fundraising and quick cash withdrawal. It also allows contributions made offline to be added to your pledge. This means that you can ask family and friends to donate as much or as little as they wish with lesser transaction fees. You can choose photos as your main rewards so make sure to take your camera with you to Kosovo and the Balkans.

Is there an emergency contact?

We will give you an emergency number shortly before your arrival to Prishtina. For emergency situations, the relevant phone numbers in Prishtina are the following:   │Police: 192(cell phone),  992 (landline),  92 and │Fire department: 93│ Ambulance: 94 │

Got more questions? Contact us.

Got more questions? Contact us at